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That’ll Preach began in the summer of 2020, when we recognized the need to connect our local church to good Christian theological and philosophical content during the challenging times of the pandemic. We started with conversations about knowing the will of God, understanding the Church Fathers, and the nature of sin. Since then, our podcast has evolved into a series of long-form interviews featuring pastors, theologians, and philosophers covering a wide range of provocative topics such as church history, gender dynamics, the intriguing world of artificial intelligence, the complex realm of bioethics, the significant differences between Catholics and Protestants, and the difficult subjects of death, divorce, and mental health. Our diverse audience spans from skeptics to seminary students, from dedicated clergy to inquisitive laymen and women—all united in their quest to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith.

But that's not all. We pride ourselves on delivering engaging podcast series that explore timeless Christian literature from luminaries like G.K. Chesterton and C.S. Lewis, along with works from various other influential authors. We aim to invite you into our conversations, creating an atmosphere where friends come together to mine the profound wisdom of the past.

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The Spirituality of the Early Church with Dr. Alex Fogleman
June 11, 202401:12:3199.62 MB

The Spirituality of the Early Church with Dr. Alex Fogleman

Theologians today talk about “participation” in Christ and the need for “catechesis” — but what do these terms actually mean? Dr. Alex Fogleman joins us to talk about how the early church understood discipleship, sacraments, justification, and the nature of the church. We also discuss how modern day...

Can Gossip Be Good? with Matthew Lee Anderson
May 28, 202401:05:3890.2 MB

Can Gossip Be Good? with Matthew Lee Anderson

Churches rightly warn against gossip, but also the need to hold people accountable for their sins. Matthew Lee Anderson of Mere Fidelity argues for that certain specific circumstances may permit the use of gossip to protect a vulnerable third party. He draws from the moral and theological tradition ...

A Brief Update
May 21, 202406:399.16 MB

A Brief Update

A quick update on posting schedule: we’re changing our episode schedule from every week to twice a month. We also provide a preview of upcoming interviews with Michael Lynch on the Reformation and Modernity, Matthew Lee Anderson on the Morality of Gossip, and Alex Fogleman on the Patristics. Show No...

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Bryan Zhang
Bryan serves as the associate pastor at Four Oaks Church Midtown in Tallahassee, Florida. He earned his BFA in Film Production from Florida State Unviersity and MDiv from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. He lives in Tallahassee with his wife Cassidy and dog Biscuit.


Paul Rezkalla

Paul is a postdoctoral research fellow at Baylor University. Prior to Baylor, Paul served as a professor and researcher at Hillsdale College as well as a professor at Florida State University where he earned his Phd. He resides in Waco, Texas. 


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Thought provoking and entertaining

These interviews and conversations are not only with wonderfully interesting people, but they are also well conducted with such a natural flow. Definitely worth a listen.

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101 Christianity

Dr. Paul is a great man of God, I love his way of explaining difficult topics in christian life. I also love Pastor Brian and his smart comments. Great show

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My favorite podcast is back!

So excited to see you both back on the air! Looking forward to this series!

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