Should We Baptize Babies? with Dr. Steve Wellum
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Should We Baptize Babies? with Dr. Steve Wellum

If you’re thinking through baptism for yourself or your family check out this episode! We get into the controversial debate over the proper subjects of baptism. Dr. Steve Wellum from Southern Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky makes the case that baptism is only for men and women who make a credible profession of faith over and against the theology of Reformers like John Calvin and Martin Luther. We talk about the history and theological significance of baptism as well as the practical importance it holds as a discipleship tool. Reformed Baptists and Presbyterians both appreciate the role of the natural and spiritual family in raising Christians, but differ on the role baptism plays. Both traditions also recognize the significance of covenants as they play out through the Scriptures, but differ on the relationships between those covenants (covenant of grace, Abrahamic covenant, New Covenant etc…). We also discuss common objections to credobaptism or “believers-only” baptism.

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Dr. Wellum’s Books:

Kingdom Through Covenant

Systematic Theology, Volume 1: From Canon to Concept

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